-Link-T (Linkt) SMS Phishing scam

-Link-T (Linkt) SMS Phishing scam

This is an SMS generated phishing scam. Message is perceived to be from “Linkt” however, -Link-T is not a registered or recognised name for Linkt.

Linkt have been notified and are aware of this sms scam.

If you receive one of these sms messages please report it to:

Click on below link for current list of sms / scams attached to linkt:


-Link-T (Linkt) SMS Phishing scam

Vodafone Billing Scam


It is not from VODAFONE!
The phone number & linking website are false.
Be Alert! Be Aware!
You will start to realise that you do not have to know the intriquet in’s and out’s of a scam.
If you dont know the source of a message or the message doesn’t make sense. Ignore it, delete it.
Learn to see the signs! Do not panic – thieve’s and scammers prey on fear.
If for some reason you do want to double check – Do not click anything in the message, manually call the company named in the message.
-Link-T (Linkt) SMS Phishing scam

Scam’s on the Increase!

Scam’s and Scammers

Due to the rise in scam’s and unfortunately the rise in people who fall victim to these scam’s.

To the right is an example of one of the scams doing the rounds.

Things to consider when deciding if something is a scam or not, as well as points of fact to consider;

  1. Scams relating to your arrest – be it from ATO, Australia Border Force, AFP etc, WOULD NOT AND WILL NOT notify you via a automated phone call. If you really are concerned – hang up and ring the relevant authority however, you will find the answer the same in every instance. Therefore, just block these numbers and ignore. You do not need to continue listening and pressing numbers just incase you really are wanted. Hang up.
  2. Scams relating to delivery of packages. Once you click on the link you have been compromised. These scams are phishing for information be it through interaction with you or via software that is installed on your machine or activated in your browser once you click on the link. The software could be something simple like a key logger – which will send the perpetrators every key stroke you press on your computer including your passwords etc. If you really had a parcel coming 9 out of 10 occasions you would know that you had purchased something or someone was sending you something. If you look at a text message like the one in this post – you can see it makes not sense – if you cant make heads or tails of the message – ignore it. If you genuinely have a parcel for delivery, the chances are you will have been in contact via email at a minimum with the shipper, including information such as shippers information, Receivers information, transit information, delivery dates etc.
  3. There is no legal company, law enforcement, bank, tax department or the like that will ask you to pay your fine or refund in ITunes cards or any other rewards card system. Do not buy ITunes cards. NEVER go to a bank or transfer money on demand of someone over the telephone that you have never dealt with and if you are concerned. Take their details, take down the company name, hang up and ring the company directly to clarify.
  4. If you are unsure, by all means forward your concerns or questions to scamwatch@domesticprotectiongroup.com