LN/20230416/01: DPG v Goodspace (PERRAN COSTI)

LN/20230416/01: DPG v Goodspace (PERRAN COSTI)

LN/20230416/01 approved by DPG MANAGMENT for release

NSW Local Courts – Case Number: 2023/00053060

Domestic Protection Group v Perran Costi (Goodspace Project or Goodspace Activation).

Judgement Creditor: Domestic Protection Group.

Court found Perran Costi in default of his contract and debt owed to Domestic Protection for services provided. This notice is provided for all suppliers & customers who have worked with Goodspace project and those who may potentially get involved with this individual or his business in the future. Given that this man is involved in many community events – artists and patrons alike need to be wary. This case is one of many currently being persued against Perran Costi. People like this do nothing for arts community but leave trails of destruction and deceipt. Offenses involving Perran Costi;

  • Failure to pay suppliers
  • Failure to pay rent on premises
  • Takes 3 months rent from his community vendors up front
  • Fraudulent Application completion
  • Compliance issues
    • Fire & Safty (Council)
    • Liquor Licensing (Provision of service without a license)
    • Security Compliance;
      • Operating without licensed security
      • CCTV Compliance (City of Sydney)

If you require any further information regarding this matter or have had unsavoury dealings with Perran Costi – Please contact legal@domesticprotectiongroup.com.

NYE & NYD (Multiple Shifts – Festival)

NYE & NYD (Multiple Shifts – Festival)

Security Guards

RSA Marshals

Required for another great festival in a great venue.

Near Broadway Shopping Centre

NYE 31/12/22 14:00 – 02:00

NYD 01/01/23 12:00 – 00:00

Rates to be discussed on contact from applying guards.

Multiple Shifts through event.

Door and Roaming


NSW Security License

Current first aid


Domestic Protection Group


1300 308 648


M/L 000106003

-Link-T (Linkt) SMS Phishing scam

-Link-T (Linkt) SMS Phishing scam

This is an SMS generated phishing scam. Message is perceived to be from “Linkt” however, -Link-T is not a registered or recognised name for Linkt.

Linkt have been notified and are aware of this sms scam.

If you receive one of these sms messages please report it to:

Click on below link for current list of sms / scams attached to linkt:





“Don Clarke and The Drakondale Girls choir”

 We don’t think anything else need be said – watch this video and read the message from Don Clarke – grab some tissues and understand why we do what we do!

But what a message – Please share far and wide, show and explain to your kids.

Thank you Don Clarke and all the young ladies in the choir




A message from Don Clarke – Storyteller

I have long been burdened by the plight of the Rhino, and have had it in mind to write a song about it for years. But for one reason or another I never did. Until my dear friend Leon Schuster phoned me and said: “Donny, my new movie has an anti-rhino poaching theme, and I need one beautiful song for it .” Leon is one of the few people in this world whose words and spirit I fully interpret. We have written many songs together, but when he talks to me passionately about an idea, it very quickly enters my mind, deeply and clearly. Perhaps because we are so similar in character. So, first thing the next morning I sat down at the piano and within 30 minutes the basis of this song was given to me. You have not had the experience of seeing some of the poignant scenes from “Frank & Fearless”, the film in which this song is used, but I STILL weep when I see them. I am a great believer in providence, and am normally good at spotting it. I believe that Leon’s new film is provident in that it delivers a powerful message against the unnecessary cruelty of rhino poaching, and it will probably be the first Leon Schuster film in which you cry. Likewise, this song was provident. From the moment I sat down, it flowed into my being like a cry from a place of deep suffering. I have always said that if I weep when writing a song, that song has a special right to exist. A right beyond my own powers. This is one of those songs. Whether it is musically strong or not, the message is absolutely clear. The Human Animal has no right…indeed, is completely IGNORENT…to assume that consuming the horn of a rhino can in any way change their life. And it is incumbent upon us all to join the fight against this ignorance before it is too late. To have these magnificent creatures wiped from the face of the Earth simply because of a MYTH is inconceivable. So my dear friends, all I ask is that you share this video FAR AND WIDE. Every share may well be another breath for a rhino. Love & peace!

Expect Requirement for Proof of Vaccination from November 11

Expect Requirement for Proof of Vaccination from November 11

LN/20220819/01 – This notice is no longer enforced and supercedes LN/20211009/01

LN/20211009/01 – Service NSW – Below information is provided by Service NSW for November 11, when NSW comes out of lockdown. The is for vaccinated persons due to NSW hitting 70% double vaccination rate. DPG provides for reference only – For further information Please Refer Roadmap for easing of COVID-19 restrictions.





Domestic Protection Group (DPG)

Domestic Protection Group (DPG)

DOMESTIC PROTECTION GROUP (DPG) provides Integrated, Proactive, Innovative & Tactical – Risk Management, Threat Management, Incident Management & Security Enforcement – Solutions & Services.

DPG is a specialised provider – working with assets, people, place and or process. Delivered with exceptional professionalism & expertise.

Take your concerns out of everyday life.

We do not conform to industry standards – we surpass them!

Domestic Protection Group (DPG)