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LN/20230416/01: DPG v Goodspace (PERRAN COSTI)

LN/20230416/01: DPG v Goodspace (PERRAN COSTI)

LN/20230416/01 approved by DPG MANAGMENT for release

NSW Local Courts – Case Number: 2023/00053060

Domestic Protection Group v Perran Costi (Goodspace Project or Goodspace Activation).

Judgement Creditor: Domestic Protection Group.

Court found Perran Costi in default of his contract and debt owed to Domestic Protection for services provided. This notice is provided for all suppliers & customers who have worked with Goodspace project and those who may potentially get involved with this individual or his business in the future. Given that this man is involved in many community events – artists and patrons alike need to be wary. This case is one of many currently being persued against Perran Costi. People like this do nothing for arts community but leave trails of destruction and deceipt. Offenses involving Perran Costi;

  • Failure to pay suppliers
  • Failure to pay rent on premises
  • Takes 3 months rent from his community vendors up front
  • Fraudulent Application completion
  • Compliance issues
    • Fire & Safty (Council)
    • Liquor Licensing (Provision of service without a license)
    • Security Compliance;
      • Operating without licensed security
      • CCTV Compliance (City of Sydney)

If you require any further information regarding this matter or have had unsavoury dealings with Perran Costi – Please contact

** 20221230 Located | URGENT: Missing Child (Abbey Thomas)

** 20221230 Located | URGENT: Missing Child (Abbey Thomas)

*** UPDATE 20221230 – Located safe and sound ***

NSW Police are seeking assistance to locate missing 13yo Abbey Thomas. She was last spoken to this afternoon and is described as Caucasian appearance, about 145cm tall, slim build, and has long brown hair. She was last seen wearing a light blue Tommy Hilfiger shirt, grey tracksuit pants and white sneakers. If sighted, please call Waverley Police Station on (02) 9369 9899 or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000. Image of Abbey:

NYE & NYD (Multiple Shifts – Festival)

NYE & NYD (Multiple Shifts – Festival)

Security Guards

RSA Marshals

Required for another great festival in a great venue.

Near Broadway Shopping Centre

NYE 31/12/22 14:00 – 02:00

NYD 01/01/23 12:00 – 00:00

Rates to be discussed on contact from applying guards.

Multiple Shifts through event.

Door and Roaming


NSW Security License

Current first aid


Domestic Protection Group

1300 308 648


M/L 000106003

-Link-T (Linkt) SMS Phishing scam

-Link-T (Linkt) SMS Phishing scam

This is an SMS generated phishing scam. Message is perceived to be from “Linkt” however, -Link-T is not a registered or recognised name for Linkt.

Linkt have been notified and are aware of this sms scam.

If you receive one of these sms messages please report it to:

Click on below link for current list of sms / scams attached to linkt:


-Link-T (Linkt) SMS Phishing scam

PSA: Phishing Scam >


From: VentraIP Australia <> [you can see this email address looks like the company email making it look legitimate – take note of Reply-To: address below ]
Date: August 18, 2022 at 1:35:33 PM GMT+10
To: <your email>
Subject: Refusal to renew your domain name
Reply-To: VentraIP Australia <> [ you can see this is not the senders email address ]


Dear Customer

It is the last notification according to order number: 68632467

Your domain will be canceled

Please update your payment details to resolve your situation as soon as possible by clicking the link below:

Click here to renew > (DO NOT CLICK)

Important: If you do not renew the domain within 24 hours from today, your services will be permanently deleted.


Ventraip Support

20220818 – DPG Response: The above email looks like it is from a domain provider stating that you have an issue renewing a domain name. DPG has confirmed with that this is infact a phishing email and is not distributed by the company iself.

If you are concerned or unsure of content you have received – call DPG Security Operations Centre 1300 308 648 for clarity and peace of mind.

These phishing emails are becoming more elaborate and convincing. Be careful of what you click on when receiving emails or text messages where you have no idea who the sender is.

If you or your loved ones think they would benefit from knowing a bit more on how to identify the scam emails or messages – Contact DPG to discuss further.

If you have fallen victim to this email please contact:

If the scam originates in NSW, you can report this to the NSW Police Force by visiting your local police station or calling the Police Assistance Line on 131 444. You can report scams to the ACCC via the ‘report a scam’ page on SCAMwatch.